State Partnership Program

The West Virginia/Peru State Partnership Program (SPP) was formalized in 1996. Since inception, the West Virginia National Guard SPP has completed eighty-nine (89) engagement events with Peru, as of 1 SEP 2013.

Disaster Management and Joint Operations Center exchanges have been very successful in previous years; RC-26 ISR is a niche capability only available in the National Guard that Peru relies greatly to gain operational knowledge.

WVNG is also partnering with WVU to develop an exchange program for students to study Fashion-Merchandising within the Alpaca industry in Peru; also partnering with Cabell County School systems and WV Dept of Education to develop an English-Spanish exchange for elementary, middle and high schools with similar schools in Peru.

WVNG participated in New Horizons 2012 in Pisco, Peru. 45 Engineers built two (2) community buildings and 30 Communications airmen placed cable and wire inside those buildings. WVNG participated in the interagency coordination conference in support of the GoP Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations responsible for coordination whole of government efforts in the Amazonia region near the border with Colombia in Oct 2012. This conference set the tone for greater coordination among GoP agencies for the execution of this strategy.

The partnership tends to be strong militarily, and is becoming more recognized within the Peruvian Army and Air Forces. Interest in developing Weapons of Mass Destruction Units similar to the Civil Support Teams (CST) and Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) - Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP) has become of interest along with Reserve Component stand-up in the last three years. A recent request from the Peruvian Army asks to assist in Army EN Project Design and Management.

The West Virginia and Peru Partnership has matured to a point where civilian to civilian events will become more frequent. Our goal is to engage state funded universities and state officials to develop those relationships that can continue engaging with their own funding.

The partnership is gaining interest from West Virginia University as they self fund attempts to engage Peru about Alpaca fabric (hair) production. WVNG has also established a civilian school “Skype” exchange between high schools and elementary schools in WV and Peru. These have been so successful that the Peruvian Air Force has requested to partner with nine (9) of their high schools and expect the Peruvian Navy to request the same.

These engagements are at NO COST to the USG. Future events will potentially include other state funded universities on topics such as forestry and medicine.

WVNG will begin assisting Peruvian Engineer Command with capability assessments and development in 2013. WVNG expects these engagements to span multiple years through various engagements.

Our Programs...


    The Joint Interagency Training and Education Center is the Guard's leader in Weapons of Mass Destruction training and education.

  • Civil Support Team

    The CST identifies Weapons of Mass Destruction threats and assists state and federal authorities in developing an appropriate response.

  • National Maintenance Program

    Our National Maintenance Programs and Special Repair Activities have helped the WVNG to win two Army Community of Excellence competitions.

  • Advanced Mobility Training Area

    The Advanced Mobility Training Area provides service members with skills to operate safely in challenging environments

  • State Partnership Program

    Since 1996, our State Partnership Program has helped bridge military, educational and cultural gaps with our partners in Peru.


    STARBASE is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program
that seeks to spark students’ interest in science.

  • ChalleNGe Academy

    ChalleNGe Academy trains and mentors selected at-risk youth using the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program in a quasi-military environment.

  • Safety Program

    Our Safety Office conducts Occupational Safety and Health Administrative training for service members to include Motorcycle ATV Safety courses.