Motorcycle Safety Program

The Safety Office takes great pride in their efforts of promoting Motorcycle Safety along with the ATV Safety program but we don’t stop there. We conduct annual Occupational Safety and Health Administrative training opportunities for our Soldiers and Airmen.

This year, we conducted two OSHA First Line 30-Hour Supervisors Courses to enhance workforce safety. Protecting our workforce, the Safety office conducts OSHA inspections on every Armory assigned to the WVNG. The WVNG Motorcycle Safety Program began in 2005. We have trained 1,000 Soldiers, Airmen, family members, DOD civilians and retirees. We are qualified to teach the Basic Rider Course, the Advance Riders Course, the Military Sport Bike Course and the Rider Coach Prep Course. We have 38 Soldiers and Airmen trained as Rider Coaches. We have also trained Rider Coaches for 29 other states. These Rider Coaches take time out of their schedules to work weekends conducting the courses.

During 2012, the Motorcycle Safety Program conducted 26 separate motorcycle sa fety training classes. In addition we were tasked to conduct three Rider Coach Courses for the National Guard Bureau to produce Rider Coaches for other states. We provided the Instructors, the training site and the motorcycles with
the support from Suzuki and Michael Jordon Motorsports. We graduated 33 Rider Coaches from Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Oregon, Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Washington State and Arizona.

The WVNG Motorcycle Program rewrote the National Guard Regulation on Motorcycle Training requirements due to our program being the leader in the Motorcycle Safety.

The Army Safety Center Fort Rucker Alabama requested through NGB to see if
the WVNG could test a new BRC program
for Motorcycle Safety Foundation. We were selected over all other installations who conduct Motorcycle Safety training throughout the country. We conducted two testing periods consisting of a total of 20 days at Summersville Readiness Center. Both the Active Army and Motorcycle Safety Foundation were very impressed with our training knowledge, skills and our facilities.

For 2013, NGB has asked if we can conduct three Rider Coach Courses, final testing and training of the new BRC Program to the other states and territories. The WVNG Motorcycle Program began a partnership with the Governor’s Motorcycle Safety Program. This partnership results have surpassed what benchmarks that were established. It has significantly increased both programs capabilities tremendously.

The WVNG also conducts an All-Terrain Vehicle safety courses. The ATV safety program is conducted in accordance with the ATV Safety Foundation training program. We plan an Instructors Course in 2013 to increase our amount of Instructors and to increase our capabilities with this program. There have
been more than 150 Soldiers, DOD civilians,
and veterans that have completed the ATV
safety course. We travel to the unit’s location
to conduct the training. Conducting the All Terrain Vehicle Safety Course provides safety awareness while operating an ATV as the same is being accomplished with the Motorcycle Safety Program.

Our Programs...


    The Joint Interagency Training and Education Center is the Guard's leader in Weapons of Mass Destruction training and education.

  • Civil Support Team

    The CST identifies Weapons of Mass Destruction threats and assists state and federal authorities in developing an appropriate response.

  • National Maintenance Program

    Our National Maintenance Programs and Special Repair Activities have helped the WVNG to win two Army Community of Excellence competitions.

  • Advanced Mobility Training Area

    The Advanced Mobility Training Area provides service members with skills to operate safely in challenging environments

  • State Partnership Program

    Since 1996, our State Partnership Program has helped bridge military, educational and cultural gaps with our partners in Peru.


    STARBASE is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program
that seeks to spark students’ interest in science.

  • ChalleNGe Academy

    ChalleNGe Academy trains and mentors selected at-risk youth using the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program in a quasi-military environment.

  • Safety Program

    Our Safety Office conducts Occupational Safety and Health Administrative training for service members to include Motorcycle ATV Safety courses.