Joint Interagency Training and Education Center (JITEC)

The Joint Interagency Training and Education Center is the National Guard Bureau lead for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosives and Critical Infrastructure Protection training. The JITEC is an active National Guard unit supporting training and education utilizing a cadre of military and civilian subject matter experts for homeland defense and civil support activities.

The JITEC training and operational capability is based at three locations in West Virginia -- Camp Dawson near Kingwood; the St. Albans Readiness Center; and the Memorial Tunnel Training Complex near Gallagher, W.Va.

The JITEC’s core CBRNE capabilities lie within the CBRNE Battalion and the Center for National Response, which operates the Memorial Tunnel Training Complex. The CNR “Tunnel” is a multiple-purpose and versatile training facility. Originally a 2,800 foot two-lane interstate highway tunnel, it is now a unique training facility that provides several scenarios: post-blast rubble event; subway station and train mishaps, weapons of mass destruction laboratories, highway WMD hazardous material incident, a cave and a bunker complex, a confined space emergency egress trainer and an over 5,000 acre training range. The CNR staff conducts full scale exercises throughout the United States and its territories for military and civilian first responders utilizing Mobile Training Teams.

The CBRNE Training Battalion is tasked with the mission of training and evaluation
of the 17 CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Packages, 10 Homeland Response Force Teams, and provides scenario based training for the 57 National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams.

JITEC personnel support National exercises such as the U.S. Northern Command and National Guard Bureau sponsored Vigilant Guard, Vibrant Response, and Joint Patriot Exercises. These exercises are joint and integrated operations within the first response community. During Fiscal Year 2012 the JITEC along with ARNORTH stood up 10 HRF’s.

Equally important, the JITEC provides CIP operational support to Assistant Secretary of Defense - Homeland Defense, Army J34-CIRM, J357 DAMO SSO CMEP, and the Department of Homeland Security through its CIP Battalion.

As the lead entity for this National Guard effort, the CIP Battalion conducts CI/KR Asset Protection Technical Assistance Program training for State, and local stakeholders. The courses
are designed to train first responders, emergency management personnel, and State and local personnel on developing and implementing local CIP programs using the Constellation/Automated Critical Asset Management System.

Since its inception, the JITEC has provided more than 212,918 man-day training throughout in CBRNE operations; conducted in excess
of 2,508 training exercises; performed more than 537 CERF-P training and exercise events; and validated 10 HRFs, training 5,750 HRF personnel. Additionally, JITEC has conducted more than 2,003 vulnerability assessments with more than 10,251 man-day throughput.

Our Programs...


    The Joint Interagency Training and Education Center is the Guard's leader in Weapons of Mass Destruction training and education.

  • Civil Support Team

    The CST identifies Weapons of Mass Destruction threats and assists state and federal authorities in developing an appropriate response.

  • National Maintenance Program

    Our National Maintenance Programs and Special Repair Activities have helped the WVNG to win two Army Community of Excellence competitions.

  • Advanced Mobility Training Area

    The Advanced Mobility Training Area provides service members with skills to operate safely in challenging environments

  • State Partnership Program

    Since 1996, our State Partnership Program has helped bridge military, educational and cultural gaps with our partners in Peru.


    STARBASE is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program
that seeks to spark students’ interest in science.

  • ChalleNGe Academy

    ChalleNGe Academy trains and mentors selected at-risk youth using the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program in a quasi-military environment.

  • Safety Program

    Our Safety Office conducts Occupational Safety and Health Administrative training for service members to include Motorcycle ATV Safety courses.