35th Civil Support Team (WMD)

The 35th Civil Support Team (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is located in St. Albans, W.Va. The CST’s mission is to support civil authorities at a domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive (CBRNE) incident site by identifying agents and substances, assessing current and projected consequences, advising on response measures, and assisting with appropriate requests for additional State and Federal support.

The CST consists of 22 full-time Army
and Air National Guard members assigned to
14 different specialties. The CST adds value
to communities by providing unique military capabilities, expertise and technologies to assist civil authorities in preparing for and responding to a CBRNE situation. This unit is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the Governor for rapid deployment for response operations and enhances local and State capabilities.

During 2012, the 35th Civil Support Team completed more than 63 missions. They responded to three white powder missions throughout the year. Team members also provided operational support for the PGA’s Greenbrier Classic while providing communications support to the Greenbrier County EMS director following devastating storms in July. Additionally, team members provided support for Bridge Day, Grand National Cross Country motorcycle race, 4th of July Celebration at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and all the home WVU football games.

The 35th CST (WMD) conducted more than 20 National and State training exercises, several of which included local emergency responders. In September, the team underwent a major National Guard Bureau garrison inspection to evaluate overall business practices. Their composite score placed the CST in the top tier “Band of Excellence” among CSTs nationally.

The 35th CST remains trained and equipped, committed always to excellence, and a leader
in readiness among the 55 Civil Support Teams across the country. The unit continues to support the homeland defense mission, living by its motto –


Our Programs...


    The Joint Interagency Training and Education Center is the Guard's leader in Weapons of Mass Destruction training and education.

  • Civil Support Team

    The CST identifies Weapons of Mass Destruction threats and assists state and federal authorities in developing an appropriate response.

  • National Maintenance Program

    Our National Maintenance Programs and Special Repair Activities have helped the WVNG to win two Army Community of Excellence competitions.

  • Advanced Mobility Training Area

    The Advanced Mobility Training Area provides service members with skills to operate safely in challenging environments

  • State Partnership Program

    Since 1996, our State Partnership Program has helped bridge military, educational and cultural gaps with our partners in Peru.


    STARBASE is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program
that seeks to spark students’ interest in science.

  • ChalleNGe Academy

    ChalleNGe Academy trains and mentors selected at-risk youth using the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program in a quasi-military environment.

  • Safety Program

    Our Safety Office conducts Occupational Safety and Health Administrative training for service members to include Motorcycle ATV Safety courses.