Education Benefits for Guardsmen

West Virginia Educational Encouragement Program

(State Tuition Assistance)

- WVEEP will pay up to 100% of tuition and allowable fees as approved by TAG and noted on the application to an accredited college/university located within West Virginia. The current cap is set at $7,000 per year.
- Fiscal Year - July through June; Payment will not exceed tuition and fees.
- Open to all members of the WVNG, who have completed Basic Combat Training/ Basic Military Training.
- Must apply 60 days prior class start date.

GI Bill

• Chapter 1606- 6 year contract, completed IADT, High School Diploma or equivalent
• Chapter 30- Minimum of 2 years active duty service, paid the 1200 dollar contribution
• Chapter 1607- Activation with RC for 90 days or more since 9/11/01
• Chapter 33. – 90 days of aggregate Active Duty service after 9/11/01
-Can be transferred to dependents of Soldiers with at least 6 years of service. Soldiers must have 4 years retain ability
-Offers a tuition payment to school, as well as a books and supplies stipend and housing stipend (E-5 BAH with dependents).

*Current FY rates can be found at:

Service Member Counseling:

The Education Guidance counselor can assist Service Members with the following:

• AARTS — The Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) keeps track of your military training and experience, and various college-level testing programs. Your AARTS transcript helps document all your military and education credits so you can easily reference them when applying to colleges or jobs.
• Tuition Assistance- All Education Office personnel have knowledge of the tuition assistance program and can help guide Service members through the process of applying for benefits.
• Military friendly Schools- The Education counselor can assist service members with finding military friendly schools that offers the service member’s area of study.
• Career Counseling- career counseling to assigned personnel, problem resolution, and referral to other offices or agencies that can assist with unique problems, provide advocate services for assigned service members when appropriate.

Contact the Education Office

Dr. Sherri Shafer

Education Services Director

(304) 561-6370

West Virginia Educational Encouragement Program

Mrs. Valerie Lambing

Education Encouragement Program Specialist

(304) 561-6306

Sgt. Brandon Hodge

GI Bill Manager

(304) 561-6359

Sgt. Melissa Burkhart

Incentives Manager

(304) 561-6305

Ms. Kelsey Frazier

Operations Assistant

(304) 561-6366

Ms. Lisa Jordan

Operations Assistant

(304) 561-6750